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A Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Easy Changes You Can Make Today

For me going green started in the kitchen. It was the logical first step because we need good foods to nourish our body and mind. Besides going organic and eating real foods we knew there were a ton of other things that we could easily do on a daily basis to make our kitchen eco-friendly. For us it wasn’t just about helping the environment but also educating our children to be good earth keepers too.

A Eco-Friendly Kitchen Easy Changes You Can Make Today


EAT LOCAL – More and more communities are having farmer markets, local food delivery services and farms are opening stores where you can easily get their produce, dairy and meats straight from the farm. Better yet, start your own sustainable garden at home.

GO ORGANIC – It’s becoming easier and easier for people to eat organic on a budget. Mainstream grocery stores are now carrying their own line of organic products that cost less and don’t forget about those coupons. Since I have a store card, Giant can easily track the types of products I buy and then will send me tons of coupons that meets my needs which help me save money weekly. Plus, menu planning keeps us on our $150 a week budget.

Compost pile with daisies

COMPOST – Reducing household trash by composting can have a big impact on the environment. My boys know that their banana peels go in the kitchen compost bin and they share the responsibility of taking it out when full. Compost bins come in all sizes to suit your lifestyle. You can even check out your municipality because do work with manufactures to make composting bins available to the public for free or low cost. Also, if you need in the Philadelphia area you can have someone do the composting for you. Kitchen Harvest gives you a big 5 gallon bucket for you to gather all your compostable materials then picks it up for a minimal monthly cost.

NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS – Why bother eating healthy when you fill the environment with harmful chemicals by using toxic filled cleaning products. You can easily clean most of your kitchen and whole house with ingredients that are right in your pantry such as vinegar and  baking soda.

dish cloths

LOSE THE SPONGES – We all know that sponges lock in bacteria and made with chemicals so why do we want to clean our dishes with them? Switch out those nasty sponges with organic cotton dish cloths that can be easily washed and used for years. I have one for my dishes and another one for wiping the counters and stove then throw the cloths in the wash daily.

COMPOSTABLE PAPER GOODS – On a everyday basis we always use our normal dishware and glasses but there are times that we can’t. If we are having a big party or when camping. We choose products that can be composted instead of Styrofoam or plastic that will end up in the landfill for a long time.

RETHINK YOUR PAPER TOWELS – This was by far the hardest thing for me to change. I was a bounty girl but slowly I’ve found great alternatives. I mostly use a dish cloth to wipe up spills and daily kitchen mess but I’ve also used unbleached paper towels made with 100% recycled material. You can even buy reusable paper towels or if you are real crafty you can make your own.

DITCH THE MICROWAVE – We haven’t had a microwave in years. The main reason for me to ditch the microwave is because of the amount of radiation that is leaked out when cooking. Molecules gain or lose an electron through ionization. It actually changes the molecular structure of the food you are heating up. It’s so dangerous that all microwaves have safety measures in place so if the door opens it stops immediately.  Besides leaking radiation, you are heating your food from the outside in which results in cold spots. These cold spots act as small pockets of bacteria that can thrive and when there’s bacteria you could end up with food poisoning.

It’s all a work in progress, nothing happens overnight but when you make small changes over time you can not only have a more eco-friendly kitchen but lifestyle. How are you making your kitchen and home more eco-friendly?






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2 Responses to A Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Easy Changes You Can Make Today

  1. Amy July 27, 2016 at 8:07 am #

    I really need to look more into Kitchen Harvest and composting in general. It is something I want to do!

  2. Fadra July 28, 2016 at 10:23 am #

    You just reminded me that I NEED to start composting. We started when we lived in NC but never really did it successfully. Researching equipment today!

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