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8 Items to Remember When Doing #The3Day Walk

The 2015 Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk is almost here. Starting October 2nd I will join my friends Jessica and Marybeth plus thousands of others and walk 60 miles to help raise awareness towards breast cancer and encourage those still fighting that they are not alone in their fight. I’ve done the 3 Day Walk last year, which was my first time. I am certainly no expert, but after experiencing The 3-Day walk once before and kicking myself for not being as prepared as I should, I vowed to do it right this year. If you signed up to do The 3-Day walk or considering it, Susan G. Komen gives you tons of tips and suggestions of what to bring….. but, I think they forgot a few.  Here are my top items to remember when doing The 3-Day walk.

Items to remember when doing the 3 day walk

8 Items to Remember When Doing #The3Day Walk

Baggies For Clothes – Purchase 2 gallon zip-lock baggies and put each outfit in one so you can organize everything. Label all the baggies so you can quickly grab the outfit you need. You can also put the dirty clothes in the empty bag, just air out the clothes first if they are wet with sweat.

Good Walking Socks – Last year we walked 12 miles in the pouring rain. It actually wasn’t that bad, we just laughed it off because what else would you do? Quit? No not us. I think the ONLY reason I didn’t get blisters is because of my socks. The ones I used had wicking and were blister resident. This made a world of difference. My feet were wet but never soaking wet.

Comfy Sandals – After you walk you just want to take off those sneakers and get comfy. Your feet will be tender and sore and the best thing to wear after you rub them with muscle relief and slip into sandals. I personally like the adissage slides because of the soothing massage effect, but choose ones that are best for you.

Fuzzy Socks – Last year a friend gave me a care package before the walk and one of the things in there were fuzzy socks. Let me tell you, they were my FAVORITE things. As soon as I was showered those socks were on my feet, and boy they felt good.

Air Mattress – This might seem like a no brainer but….for me last year I had no clue. I guess I figured since we were camping indoors that the ground would have some sort of padding. It didn’t even cross my mind to bring a air mattress. Once I saw the concrete floor I quickly called my husband so he could bring one for us. THANK GOD or my back would of been a mess the next day.

Ear Plugs – Even though I was super tired and lights out was at 9:30pm it was hard to go to sleep. This year I will put a little lavender behind my ear and on my wrists and use some ear plugs to help keep out the noise.

Cordless Charger – Once you get back to camp the first thing you will want to do (besides jumping in the shower) is plugging in your phone. If you plan on carrying it then most likely by the end of the day it will be dead or close to it. I can tell you from past experience the charging station is going to be mobbed. So pack that cordless charger that you can either take with you throughout the day or leave it at camp for when you get back.

Backpack and Fanny Pack – Last year I brought a hydration pack and it worked great for me up until the last day. By the end of day 2 my back was killing me so I really wanted to leave the backpack behind and go with a fanny pack. This year I am bringing both and if I feel that my back isn’t feeling great then I will switch to the fanny pack the next day, it’s good to have options..right?Breast Cancer Awareness

I am looking forward to the Philadelphia 3-Day Walk. Can’t wait to walk with friends and meet new ones along the way. When you do a Susan G. Komen walk 75% of the net proceeds raised help support Susan G. Komen’s Research and Training Grant Program and large public health outreach programs for women and men facing breast cancer, while the remaining 25% helps fund local community and Affiliate support and outreach programs.  To find out more, to sign up to volunteer or walk, or to make a donation, go to  

I will leave you with this ——>  1 in 8 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime? How can we work together to find a cure?

As a Susan G. Komen Blogger Ambassador I am here to help raise awareness of the Philadelphia 3-Day Walk happening October 2nd through 4th 2015. I am compensated for my posts but as always all opinions are my own.




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  1. Barb @ A Life in Balance September 24, 2015 at 5:22 am #

    Good luck with your walk! I’m with you on the air mattress which is why I’m not into camping on the ground.

  2. Sarah September 25, 2015 at 7:21 am #

    You Go Trina!

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