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6 Reasons Older Kids Should Visit the Philadelphia Legoland Discovery Center

When we heard a little over year ago that Philadelphia was getting it’s own Legoland Discovery Center we couldn’t wait for it to open. My boys have been lego fans since they were tots and I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve kept my legos in bags since I was a kid just waiting for the right time to introduce them to my own children. So I don’t know who was more excited when we heard that they finally opened, me or the boys!?

6 Reasons Older Kids Should Visit the Philadelphia Legoland Discovery Center

I was a bit nervous that the discovery center would be a little “young” for my boys ages 9 and 11 years old. My fears instantly went away as we walked up to the gigantic giraffe and their eyes were as wide as the first time they saw their first set of legos. They were star struck and couldn’t wait until we were able to get inside.

There are many things that attract kids and adults but for us there were 5 things that pulled us in and kept us going throughout our visit. So here it is….our 5 reasons to visit the Philadelphia Legoland Discovery Center. After you read our list let us know if we missed something on our trip, so we can head back soon.

  Imagination Express – My boys compared the imagination express to the Toy Story ride at Disney. We had a “friendly” competition of who could get the most bubbles and star points. Lots of laughs and it was a great way to start us on our Legoland journey.

Lego ride

Lego ride Finn

Ninjago Training Camp – Before heading into the training camp we were able to see the skills of others and decide which level they wanted to do. Of course they had a little competition of who did better. Besides being a ton of fun it’s challenging for all ages and improves your flexibility, agility, ingenuity.

ninja training

ninja score

Miniland – This area of legoland not only wowed all of us by the beauty of the Philadelphia skyline but it also gave us an opportunity to explore and play with the interactive city; see how construction works, rowing racing and see the towers glow as the little land changes from day to night.


All this made of legos! It was an amazing site to see. My girlfriend from Leave It To Me Photography captured these photos and she was gracious enough to let me use them for this post…because mine just didn’t do it justice.

legoland interactive

Lego Building Workshops – Looking for some new inspiration or want to get better at your lego building skills you can join one of the lego building workshops that they host throughout the day. We also had fun building our own cars then racing them over and over again.

lego car

Lego 3D Cinema – My kids are always up for some 3D action, especially lego related. Right now they have short interactive movies playing but word on the street is that coming in June they will feature a new LEGO Movie in 4D – WHAT?! To be honest I didn’t even know 4D existed, so it has to be amazing!

legoland playground

Pirate Adventure Island – This is where I got to sit and relax while my boys got lost in Pirate Adventure Island. No, they really didn’t get lost but it felt like forever that they were in there playing. Kids climb and jump through a LEGO-themed pirate ship. So if you have active kids, you may want to circle back around and have them burn off more energy for a 2nd time.

Whether you have tiny tots or school aged kids like me you will find something fun and interesting to do at Legoland. I highly recommend reserving your tickets ahead of time, especially if you are traveling any sort of distance. You don’t want to walk up to purchase tickets and be disappointed that you can’t get in because it’s sold out or you may have to wait a few hours until a time slot becomes available.

It was an awesome day trip for the boys and I during our spring break and it would be a perfect place to take vacationing friends that bleed legos like we do. Thank you Legoland Discovery Center for inviting us to your new Philadelphia location to check it out. It was a big hit with all of us.


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