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5 Ways to Teach Kids Where Food Comes From

I’m sure most of you have heard the saying “You Are What You Eat.” I’ve been saying this phrase to my boys since they were able to understand what it meant.  My motto has always been….start them young. As soon as my boys were able to communicate we discussed where food came from. We did very simple things throughout our daily routine, encouraging them to make good food choices, and setting a good example has given them a very good foundation. I have high hopes that they will continue on this path as they get older. Here are 5 ways to teach kids where food comes from throughout your daily life that could help you do the same. ways to teach kids where food comes from   5 Ways to Teach Kids Where Food Comes From 

GROW YOUR OWN: You don’t need a acre of land to have a vegetable garden. You can even plant vegetables in containers on your deck, patio or front porch. Start out simple with tomatoes, peppers and a few herbs such as basil. Then use those ingredients to make homemade pizzas.

growing your own food

COOK WITH KIDS: Get those kiddos into the kitchen using real food ingredients to make some of their favorite meals. Do they love Mac & Cheese? Make it using unprocessed cheeses and organic pasta. You can even add a vegetable or two for a healthier version.

applesauce making with kids 2 PURCHASE FROM LOCAL FARMS: There is no better way to learn where food comes from than visiting a farm. There are so many working farms that sell their meats, eggs, produce and dairy.  You can go directly to the farm, get to know the farmer and pick up your food items or some farmers even have drop off points where you can pick up. I love to show the kids that not all food comes from the grocery store and educating the kids about pasture raised animals versus ones raised on conventional farms. farm tour PICK YOUR OWN: We love visiting local farms throughout the growing season to pick some of our favorite foods and then bring (the ones we don’t eat on sight) home to make into fun desserts, jams or can for the winter. apple picking mini chef monday VISIT FARMER MARKETS: Starting in the spring farmer markets are jammin with fresh seasonal foods. Within 5 miles of our home we have 3 farmer markets at our fingertips throughout the week. By taking the kids with you they can begin to understand growing seasons and how foods grow for a specific time, and then they are done so we enjoy them while they are in season. farmer market My goal has always been to raise my kids with an understanding and appreciation that real food doesn’t just appear in the grocery store. Teaching them about the growing season, and the difference between foods grown locally and those shipped will hopefully make them more mindful as they get older when they are making their own food choices. How do you teach your children where food comes from?

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