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5 Things to Know About Organic Skincare Before Buying

The skin is your largest organ and absorbs 60% of what you put on it. Think about this for a second… According to the Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses 12 “beauty” products per day, containing about 168 ingredients. That’s a lot of ingredients you’re putting into your body, and if we’re not careful many of those could be toxic!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m not getting any younger, in fact I’ll be hitting 45 this June. So skincare, especially ones that go on my face are super important. I want products that will help keep me young without sacrifice animals or the environment. I’m constantly on the search for products that I can safely use on my body without harsh chemicals. Just like everything else not all products are created equally, even organic ones. Here are 5 things to know about organic skincare before buying.


Natural Labeling – When purchasing beauty care products, read the labels….just like when grocery shopping. Words like “natural” and “all-natural” are not regulated labeling terms which can be very deceiving. Look for certain “no-no” ingredients and check out the environmental working group’s skin deep cosmetic database for the toxicity rates.

Right Type of Fragrance – We all love skincare products that smell amazing but so many are made with artificial ingredients.  Look for phthalates as a ingredient and if you see it, put it down. It can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. If the product does contain a fragrance make sure it’s from a natural plant base.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices – There is more to a company than their products. What about the value they place on the environment and how they treat their workers? There are a few things I check for when I purchase skincare products. Do they test their products on animals, how are their ingredients sourced, can I recognize the ingredient list and environmentally conscience is the company.

Skip Sulfates – When you see sodium laureth, sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate as a main ingredients in organic skin products put it down. Why? Laboratory studies show that products that end in “eth” (such as sodium laureth sulphate, polyethylene glycol, oleth, myreth and ceteareth) all test positive for 1,4-Dioxane, a proven cancer-causing petrochemical.

Less Toxic = Less Irritating – When you choice better for you skincare you are bound to find less mystery ingredients not only makes your skincare safer but also gentler on your skin. Once you get started you will notice less breakouts and your skin quality improves dramatically. Plant base products create a mild yet effective skincare that gently cleanses without stripping the skin of moisture.

5 Things to Know About Organic Skincare Before Buying

I’ve recently found a new product line that meets my top 5 requirements when purchasing new skincare. Have you ever heard of POLYN Skincare? Well, I haven’t either until recently….but boy I’m glad I came across it. Here is why I’m in love with the POLYN skincare line.

Made using 100% plant based ingredients

Addresses all my skincare needs including anti-aging. Did I mention I’m turning 45 in June? 

Moisturizes, cleanses and nourishes my skin while avoiding unnecessary toxins or fillers. 

Made right here in the United States but follows European skincare standards. 

Certified cruelty-free by PETA 

Now let’s dive into the products and why I’ve fallen in love with them.

Invigorating Face Wash

I get up at 5:30am everyday so besides my daily dose of coffee I need something to wake me up and make me excited to start the day. The POLYN invigorating face wash does that for me. The ingredient list include a castile base with horsetail, coltsfoot, ashwagandha and willow bark extracts which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. What wakes me up is the invigorating tingle of peppermint essential oil.

POLYN Face Wash

Regenerative Face Serum

I think having a good face serum around is essential when wanting good and healthy skin. So I was super to excited to see how I would like the regenerative face serum. As soon as I put it on my face I instantly wanted to douse myself with it. The smell is amazing!! Made with tuberose wax, olive, argan, rosehip, red raspberry, and sea buckthorn oils, shea butter, willow bark, coltsfoot, ashwagandha, ginseng, and helichrysum extracts, and cedarwood, petitrgain, ylang ylang, and ginger essential oils. So not only are you surrounded by this amazing scent but you are simulating your collagen production and promoting healthy cell turnover. Did I mention I’m turing 45 this June? Yeah, I think a little collagen simulation!

POLYN Face Serum

Cooling Under Eye Serum

The cooling under eye serum is extremely light because of it’s aloe vera base. It also includes one of my favorite essential oils – Frankincense which is known to help in healthy cell regeneration, keeping existing cells and tissues healthy, helps treat dry skin and reverse the signs of aging. <—– I need this! The cooling eye serum helped reduce my puffiness around the eyes which is something I suffer from greatly especially this time of year. The cooling effect of serum reminded me of the face wash. Perfect for those early mornings!

POLYN Eye Serum

Besides meeting my expectations organically POLYN skincare also is affordable and can easily be found through Amazon and Lucky Vitamin and of course over at the website. Check it out for yourself using this code SKINLOVESPLANTS to get 20% your order through May 31. 2017.







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  1. Deborah Davis April 24, 2017 at 7:51 pm #

    Hi Trina,
    I too find it challenging to choose safe, natural and organic products without harsh chemicals to use on my body so I am so delighted that you shared these important things to know about organic skincare before buying. I often resort to using DIY skincare products for this reason. Thank you for sharing this with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

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