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5 Lego Storage Ideas to Steal

I have 2 boys that are CRAZY about Legos. They are constantly looking up lego sets on Amazon and making wish lists. My question to them is, “Where are you going to put new ones when you can’t put away the ones you have”? Have you ever stepped on a Lego? OUCH!!! So you an just imagine that we are a bit of Lego overflow! I am sure  of you are struggling with the same thing I am – WHAT DO TO WITH ALL THESE LEGOS!!!

I was thrilled when Modernize connected with me about partnering on some design ideas. When they mentioned Lego storage ideas, I was all ears because I could use the help. YES! You can find some creative ways to store these building blocks or even used as decor in a home.  Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started.

5 Lego Storage Ideas to Steal

lego1Craftsman Basement by Seattle Architects & Building Designers Board and Vellum

Basement Bar and Lego Room – Homeowners with a relatively unused basement may want to convert this room into a bar and lego room. This is a great way to keep these toys in their place while creating a modern and sophisticated look. Start out by adding a white, long shelf to the basement, and add as many plastic pull out containers as necessary to organize all the different types of legos owned. Add a small table in front of the shelf to display the best lego creations. Create the bar with two diagonally intersecting wooden countertops and steel colored chairs. This way, big kids may work on their Lego masterpieces and enjoy a drink at the same time.

lego2Traditional Kids by Seattle Architects & Building Designers Board and Vellum

Basement Workstation – Homeowners with a basement who prefer not to spend money on creating a bar may convert this room into a Lego workstation and storage room. Add a long table along the wall preferably in a mahogany wood color. Display a few of the best Lego creations on top of the table. An island countertop may also be added if the basement is big enough. Below this table, add plastic containers where all of the legos may be stored. Finally, add colorful chairs around the station in bright colors.

lego3Transitional Kids by Kirkland Interior Designers & Decorators Design Harmony

Living Room Shelf – A living room can be another great place to store legos away. The easiest way to do this is to add a large bookshelf and purchase plastic containers to separate pieces. Some of the most creative pieces built with Legos may sit around the living room for decoration. To keep the clean look, choose a bookshelf with door cabinets so Legos are only seen when they’re being used. This bookshelf may also be added to another part of the house including a family room, a dining room or even in a hallway.

lego4Modern Kids by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

Lego Bedroom – For homeowners with kids who enjoy playing with Legos, creating a room with a Lego theme can be a great way to incorporate style with functionality. Lego sells hundreds of products including beds, cabinets, chairs and nightstands ideal for this theme. Be sure to purchase plastic containers to store pieces in the cabinets.

lego5Contemporary Kids by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

Lego Workshop – For those who don’t want to create an entire room with this theme, creating a small Lego workshop wherever there is space in the home can be a great solution. This workshop may consist of a simple white desk, green wall and Lego themed shelves where the pieces may be stored. Choosing this style works best for those who don’t have that many legos but want a separate area for storage and playing with these toys.

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