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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Busy Parents

The kids are back to school  – are you ready? Lunches, snacks and good nutrition, as well as more free time for parents, homework struggles and organization. Gina of Embracing Imperfect decided to gather a group of bloggers to share their best Healthy Back to School tips with you! We are all sharing different ways to make it easier on parents and kids when transitioning back to school. Today I am sharing some of my favorite easy and healthy lunch ideas. 

As my boys get older they have more of an opinion of what goes in their lunchbox. When they were younger I could just throw in anything I want and they would be happy with it. Now with the pressure of friends and seeing the increasing amount of unhealthy choices they fight me more and more every year.

This year is a bit different for me personally. I went back teaching so my time from home is limited, especially in the morning. I actually leave before the kids go off to school so I need to be on top of things. We are all busy, whether you are a stay at home parent, work from home or work outside of the home school lunches can be challenging to make. I don’t want to fall in the trap of the kids ordering lunch all the time.

So I’ve come up with 5 healthy lunch ideas for busy parents that can easily be made ahead of time. Some of the choices may seem pretty traditional but with these healthy twists these sandwiches are better for you and more cost effective in the long run.

Healthy Lunch Tips


PBJ – Always a hit in our house. To make it healthier use an organic ingredients such as bread made with no HFCS, Peanut Butter with a natural preserve such as Apple or Pumpkin Butter, honey works well too.

Smoked Salmon – Served with cream cheese on a bagel or even a wrap

Turkey & Cheese – Try making your own sliced turkey and use healthier cheeses.

Soup – If you have the right type of Thermos the soup can stay warm for hours. Serve with a roll or crackers.

Hummus – This can be served with cut veggies and crackers. Cut up pieces of cheese and fresh fruit as sides.

Some of our other favorites include: Breakfast for Lunch, Homemade Granola Bar, Cubed Chicken served with dipping sauce and Pasta Salad

TIME SAVER TIP: Make a few sandwiches and wrap tightly and throw in the freezer and then take out that morning. By lunch time the sandwich is defrosted and ready to eat.

Healthy SnacksPhoto Credit: Family Fresh Cooking 

The main lunch always needs a few sides. You can always throw in an apple, banana or orange into our child’s lunch box. Depending on the amount of time they have to eat lunch and their ability to peel fruit, it might be best to try these ideas. Not only are they fun and more eye appealing but easy to pop into their mouth.

* Fruit Kabobs

* Sliced apples with peanut butter/honey  dipping sauce

* Sliced fruit with yogurt dipping sauce

* Fruit Leather

* Dried Fruit, seeds and nuts mixed together

* Veggies with a dipping sauce such as ranch or  hummus

* Dried Veggies such as green beans or pea pods and call them “Green Fries”

* Stonyfield yogurt squeezers or even regular yogurt.

* Cubed cheese with grapes

* Muffins or bread – try adding some grated zucchini and carrots to the mixture

I cannot stress this enough….WATER! WATER! WATER!!!!! use a reusable BPA free water bottle and fill it with ice water so it stays cold. You can even place it in the freezer the night before and double it as a cold pack too.

Now I told you what my favorite school lunches are, I’d love to hear what ideas you have and for more healthy lunch ideas head over to my Pinterest Page. —>Oh Wait Don’t leave yet, you don’t want to miss the best part! I’ve got more ideas for  back to school and an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!!  Here are more tips from my amazing bloggers friends participating in this Healthy Back to School Event.

Healthy-back-to-school-giveaway (2)


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4 Responses to 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Busy Parents

  1. reesa lewandowski August 31, 2015 at 11:56 am #

    This is so helpful. We’re making lunch for the first time this year and I am looking for new ideas!

  2. Gina B August 31, 2015 at 2:15 pm #

    My 4th grader loves soup, in fact, she loves bone broth! Amazing, lol. I would love to whip up a turkey – I cooked my 1st one last year, but it’d be nice to do it for a regular school day rather than a holiday, and keep it to slice up for lunch. Great thinking!

  3. Marci August 31, 2015 at 6:52 pm #

    Great ideas. Love lunch bots! My kids love soup so they are going to be getting a lot of soup this year.

  4. Kate September 3, 2015 at 10:23 pm #

    Great tips… we also love to tote along soups and other warmed foods for lunches. My kid isn’t a big sandwich fan and those Thermoses rock!

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