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5 Food Art Ideas for Kids

Thinking of interesting new foods to feed your kids can be tricky, especially if you have a picky eater. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to get my own kids to eat healthy foods and those in my cooking classes. We all know that when you involve your child in the cooking process you have a better chance of getting them to eat. You can take the cooking experience to the next level and get creative with your food.

Food Art Collage

During my last cooking class we make cute little veggie faces, the kids LOVED it, and spent so much time creating their faces. I was so impressed at 3 years old how focused they were. Instead of just piling on the veggies (which would of been fine because it’s their creation) they carefully placed each ingredient in the exact spot they wanted. Not sure who had more fun, me watching them or the kids actually doing it.

Our silly veggie faces were made with some simple ingredients.

Vegetable Food Art

Rice Cakes – we used squared because they had already had them at school (why buy when you already have something on hand that works)

Avocado Spread – this was the “glue” you could also use cream cheese or hummus

Vegetables – Spinach, cucumbers, black olives, carrots and peppers but the list could go on and on. You can do so much with food, be creative and most of all have fun with it.

Mini Chef Veggie Faces

You can do a ton with rice cakes. I love using dried fruit and cream cheese to make fruit faces too. Great as a after school activity. Here is my top 5 Food Art Ideas for Kids that can be done with young children or older ones too. When cooking with kids take a little extra time to organize everything beforehand and show them step by step how to prepare it. Trust me, things will go a lot smoother.  

5 Food Art Ideas for Kids 

Fish Food Art

 Eating Richly not only has fun with food but also teaches the alphabet too with this fun Fish Food Art. 

Rainbow food artThis Edible Rainbow from Baby Loving Mama would be fun to make around St. Patrick’s Day.

Caterpillars food artThese Caterpillars would be perfect to make after reading the Hungry Little Caterpillar

Snack puppetHow cute are these Snack Puppets! All you need to do is attach fresh fruits and veggies together with halved and whole fruits with toothpicks 


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