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15 DIY Valentine Cards to do with Kids

With Valentines around the corner we are all thinking hearts and treats. This week all the kids are having Valentine parties and need to bring in Valentine treats and some sort of card for their friends. As parents we all know what that means….we are looking for something fun and interesting for our kids to bring in.

I have never been a huge fan of the traditional Valentine cards that you can get at most grocery stores. I’ve always helped my boys make fun Valentines for their classmates, its something for us to do together and it makes them more invested in the gift giving, because they are doing more than just signing their name.

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Here is my Top 15 DIY Valentines


Fun Bug Valentine – perfect for any science lover

The Crafty Crow – You’ve Got the “Write” Stuff Valentines using pencils

Club-Chica CircleVegetable Painting Art Card using celery

Photo cards are pretty popular for Valentines too. I would put a little UNREAL Candy bar in the mouth.

Let’s Watch Our Friendship Grow Valentine using a pack of seedsSpoonful

Bouncy Ball Valentines with cute note – Craft-O-Maniac

Have a Ball This Valentines which would be fun for boys or girls – The Crafty Crow

Anything that includes fruit is a winner in my book. Packaging up these Cuties for Valentine is a perfect treat

Valentine bracelet with a Knot – saying says “Our Class Would KNOT Be the Same Without You.

Valentine Bookmarks using paint chips – Pinterest Pinss

Valentine using red glow sticks which is easy and inexpensive – Housewife Electic

Valentine with reusable straw and I would attach a Kids Honest to it – Today’s Creative Blog

Heart Crayons using old broken crayons, so easy and fun to do with the kids

Valentine Airplane Hearts. I can’t think of anything easier than this. – Make and Takes

Valentine Heart necklaces which is great to get those fine motor skills stronger – Life Without Pink

What are you doing this year for Valentines? If you need more Valentine inspiration head over to my Everything Valentine Pinterest page and check out some healthy Valentine treats you can send in for school parties.


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